Wine Hippies

Spaceman Melnik Spaceman Melnik Wine Traveler Wine Traveler Bone Dry Hippie Bone Dry Hippie Face Off Mavrud Face Off Mavrud

Wine Hippies

We are wine enthusiasts, inspired by the vast richness of the Bulgarian terroir. Blending different grape varieties in small family wine houses, we want to show our signature, love and passion about local wines and land, making us so proud.

Spaceman Melnik

2018 Spaceman Melnik 2018

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Wine Traveler

Syrah and Merlot 2018 Wine Traveler 2018

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Bone Dry Hippie

Sauvignon blanc 2018 Bone Dry Hippie 2018
Fancy Fresh Open Trendy Crazy

Produced in: Zelanos winery, Blended by: Nasko and Mitko
Tropical freshness, minerality, balance

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Face Off Mavrud

Mavrud 2018 Face Off Mavrud 2018
Elegant Gentle Magical Expressive Mystic

Produced in: Manastira winery, Blended by: Nasko and Mitko
Fruity, elegant, extraction, charming

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